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Supernatural Ladies

The Women of Supernatural

The Women of Supernatural
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A community dedicated to fanworks that give the women of 'Supernatural' a chance to shine.


This is a community intended for fanworks, recs, meta, and discussion that focus on one or more of the women of Supernatural.

Any meta or discussion that you post or link to here should focus on a woman or women in the show. Any fanwork posted or recced here (whether it's your own or someone else's) must have a woman or women who appears not just as a support or sounding board to a man, but with real focus on her story and her character arc. Think the essence of the Bechdel test: obviously a fic that's narrated from the point of view of a male character may not include any scenes with only women in them, but it might still pass. Do you feel that the female characters continue to exist when the male ones aren't around - do they have motivations, passions, friendships, perspectives of their own, or are they only there to support the plot? It's not about screen time: a female character might appear only very briefly in a much larger fic, and still feel like a convincing person in her own right; but, on the other hand, she might appear in every second scene to chat sympathetically with one of the men about what's going on in his life and without the reader getting the sense that she has a life of her own.

Obviously, this is highly subjective. But since the point of this community is to go 'hooray, more Ellen or Charlie or Rachel!' - if in doubt, post anyway! Who knows - it might spark an interesting conversation about what counts as a strongly written female character.

RPF is also welcome.

Quick (and negotiable) definition of a female character, for the purpose of this community: for RPF, any RL woman associated with the Supernatural cast. For FPF, any character who in the show identifies as primarily female, or any angel/supernatural creature who appears in female form - with the exception of Castiel, because there are plenty of other places to post fics about him. Gender-bending one of the main male characters of the show doesn't count as creating a female character.

So, Raphael counts, Tessa counts, Danneel Harris counts, Jo counts. Even if you gender-bend them to male, that still counts: the point is to focus on those characters that we so rarely remember to explore, next to those charismatic show-stealing men! It's too easy to turn these women into support characters, but just look at the list of fascinating people in that interests list - let's turn that around.

We also have a tumblr account, where I'll repost all recs and so forth unless the poster specifically asks that I don't, and where I will probably reblog other tumblr posts that I spot which are in keeping with the general interests of the community.


1. All posts must be related one or more of Supernatural's female characters, or a RL woman related to the filming of the show. Exceptions are promotions for events, communities, and so forth, that are either related to Supernatural or to the women of another show or fandom.
2. No linking to locked entries.
3. All posts must be tagged properly (see TAGS below).
4. Spoilers and warnings must be clearly marked, and not hidden behind an lj-cut.
5. Don’t change the font or layout of the community.
6. Discussion is welcomed, including courteous debate, but not flaming, ship-hate, or character-hate.

For more detail, see this post.

Posting Guidelines.

All types of content are welcome: fic, mixes, art, poems, gifs, podfics, meta, discussion, etc. If there isn't a tag for the type you're posting, use the 'type: other' tag and request a tag at this post. If the main content (i. e., the fic, art, etc) is included in the post rather than linked to, it must be behind an lj-cut; but whether it's linked to or behind a cut, there must be a header containing certain essential information.

In brief: Include all the usual information, including warnings, rating, and noting whether or not any spoilers are present (see SPOILERS below). Also include the following:

The Ladies: This is where you list the name(s) of the female character(s) that you feel are depicted particularly strongly in this fanwork. It should match the character tags that you tag your post with, but need not include all the female characters in the fic.
Reason: Briefly explain why you feel the depiction of one or more of the characters listed in 'The Ladies' is worth attention. I. e. - why are you putting this fic here, in this community? Did you love the way the author wrote the relationship between Jo and Ellen? Did this fanart make you stop and think again about Lisa's responses to Dean during the year he was with her? Are you really proud of the character arc you wrote for Anna? Or is it as simple as 'awesome Jody/Sam banter'?

More detail on posting, including templates, is available over here.

Posting is moderated. However, once you've posted four times or more, put a note at the bottom of your post asking to be granted unmoderated posting access. It will be granted if you seem to be reasonably clear (based on your posting record) on the purpose and guidelines of the community.


Please tag by character, work type, rating, and (if it's a fic) word count. To request another tag, or another category of tag, comment on this post.


You must warn (by episode number, e. g., 8x09) for spoilers, including characters, situations, dialogue, or episode titles for anything that hasn't yet aired, or which has aired in the past month. It would be considerate to warn for anything at all in the current or previously aired season, just in case there are people who still haven't caught up (yes, they are out there).

Posts that spoil future or recent episodes, without warning, will be deleted. Repeated breaking of the rules will result in a temporary or permanent ban.



If you want to affiliate with us, leave a comment to this post.



To contact, send a private message to whit_merule or an e-mail to w**t.m****e at gmail, with the obvious letters substituted for the asterisks.